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Welcome to Pyrowest Fireworks Ltd.

Discover the magic of Pyrowest Fireworks Ltd., Northern Alberta’s premier fireworks company, conveniently located just outside of Edmonton. We aim to be your ultimate destination for all things fireworks, whether you’re enjoying our products at the lake on a summer night or hiring us to light up your special event. At Pyrowest, we create sparkling memories that last a lifetime.

Unmatched Expertise and Passion
With over 20 years of experience and a deep passion for fireworks, Pyrowest is led by a licensed Display Fireworks Supervisor. Our extensive experience includes collaborations with some of Canada’s leading fireworks companies, ensuring that we bring the highest level of knowledge, industry relationships, and expertise to every display. We are committed to delivering safe and thrilling fireworks experiences for you and your family.

Innovation and Quality at the Forefront
At Pyrowest Fireworks, we are dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends and offering the newest products available. Our network of direct importers allows us to provide the finest fireworks on the market, ensuring that every show is spectacular and unique. Our commitment to quality means that we consistently deliver top-notch, second-to-none fireworks displays that exceed expectations.

Let’s Create Unforgettable Moments
We are excited to meet you and make your celebrations extraordinary. To get in touch with us, please visit our contact page for more details. Let Pyrowest Fireworks Ltd. light up your next event and create magical, unforgettable moments with our exceptional fireworks displays.

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